Through “The Teaching of Buddha” and the English Tripitaka, we introduce the various Buddhist efforts promoting Buddha’s wisdom and compassion, as they have been carried out without regard to country or race for over 2,500 years,.


  • 2023.01.10 English Translation of the Great Treasury Sutra Newsletter 2023 is now available.
About The Teaching <br class='spdndb'>of Buddha

About The Teaching
of Buddha

“The Teaching of Buddha” is a collection of Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings. We have compiled this easy to understand book so that everyone can receive these teachings.

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English <br class='spdndb'>TRIPITAKA


The “Tripiṭaka” is the Buddhist canon containing an enormous number of Buddhist Sutras and is the treasure house of wisdom in Buddhism. BDK is working on an English translation of the Taishō Canon (Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō) and its digitalization in order to make it possible for people in the world to understand Buddhism profoundly.

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